HUNTER NUMBER ONE:  Bob Saunders (right, in blue) lives in Toronto and has spent more than six years looking for the Arrow models.

Bob's father was a design engineer for the Avro Arrow.  Sadly, his father passed away in late-1998 and Bob is now dedicating his search to his father's memory.

Bob is the team leader for the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada's model recovery project.



HUNTER NUMBER TWO: Bill Scott (left) lives in London and spent more than two years researching the whereabouts of the models.

Bill is a former member of the Canadian Air Force and is obsessed with aviation research.  

In 1998, Bill founded Arrow Recovery '98 to find and recover the models.



HUNTER NUMBER THREE: Dave Gartshore (right) lives in Carrying Place, Ontario - near Trenton.  He's a marine mechanic with an ability to fix and/or build everything (including a homemade submarine).

Bill came across Dave while doing some research in Trenton and asked him to help him find the models.


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