The Avro Arrow was killed more than 40 years ago.

Nearly all evidence of its existence was destroyed.

But its legend survived.

During the mid-1950s, A.V. Roe Canada Ltd. launched nine scale models of the Canadian jet interceptor into Lake Ontario.
The three-metre-long replicas were mounted on Nike rockets and test fired into the water near Point Petre, Ontario.
They were used to test the revolutionary plane's aerodynamics — basically to see how it would fly. After the testing, the models were considered worthless and never recovered.
Hunting Arrows is about the search for the missing Arrow models.
Three separate and competing groups of Arrow enthusiasts organized to hunt down the submerged models.  One group (pictured on the left) has been searching for more than five years. 
And in the summer of 1999, two models were found.
Hunting Arrows tells the story of the search for Canada's lost pride.  But, more importantly, it tells the stories of the Arrow hunters:  

Bob Saunders, whose deceased father was a design engineer on the Arrow project; 

Bill Scott, an aviation enthusiast who is not only looking for the lost models, but a lost part of himself; 

Dave Gartshore, the last and most controversial person to join the hunt - but the first to claim success.

Will the Arrow models be raised from the depths of their watery graves?  Will the Arrow once again fill Canadians with pride?

Hunting Arrows is the great Canadian story. 

But who will be the story's hero?

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