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Dedicated to the people and projects of AVRO Canada & Orenda Engines Limited


Orenda Chinook

In May 1946, A.V. Roe Canada purchased Turbo Research Limited and renamed the company to Gas Turbine Division, later known as Orenda Engines Limited, it is the only part of Avro Canada still operating under its original name. Today Orenda Reciprocating Engines, a member of the Magellan Aerospace Company, continues to create inovative engines.

Shortly after joining the Avro group, Orenda created the Chinook engine designated as the TR.4 (Turbo Research 4), Winnett Boyd was the Chief Designer of this and the TR.5, later known as the Orenda Engine - the names of Avro's engines can all be credited to Boyd. The Chinook was officially started for the first time in March of 1948, and the TR.5 first ran in February of 1949.

Much of the developementand component testing of the Iroquois engine occured 10 KM north of Parry Sound, Ontario in Nobel where Orenda had leased land and built an engine testing facility, much of the early usage of titanium occured at this site.

Work on the Iroquois, designated as the PS-13, began in 1953, 30% of the 2,000kg weight for this engine was accounted for by parts using titanium. The first flight of the Iroquois occured in November of 1957 on a loaned US Air Force B-47 Stratojet

October 1962 - Orenda Engines Division of Hawker Siddeley Canada Ltd. has been awarded a contract worth $18,751,325 to produce General Electric J85-CAN-40 turbojet engines for the RCAF's CF-114 program. The CT-114 is the Air Force's designation for the Canadair CL-41 trainer. J85-CAN-40 is the new designation for the Canadain produced engines, which is based on the CJ610-1B.iced out replica watches ap concept watch replica mens rolex watch replica

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