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Dedicated to the people and projects of AVRO Canada & Orenda Engines Limited

AVROLAND's Logo CF-105 Arrow

RL 202 Avro Arrow

Chris Charland has supplied AvroLand with some key information to help fill in the blanks about Avro including this info,
the following squadrons were selected to receive the Avro CF-105 Arrow Mk. 2:

No. 410 'Cougar' AW (F) Squadron
Were to re-equip during the first half of 1961 with 12 aircraft

No. 414 'Black Knight' AW (F) Squadron
Were to re-equip by the Fall of 1962 with 12 aircraft

No. 428 'Ghost' AW (F) Squadron
Were to re-equip by the Spring of 1962 with 12 aircraft

No. 433 'Porcupine' AW (F) Squadron
Were to re-equip sometime in early 1962 with 12 aircraft

Please take a minute to remember the great successes of the men and women of Avro and Orenda

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There are a few CBC clips in French.


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