HMCS WASKESIU was commissioned on 16 June 1943 in Esquimalt. By July 1943, she had already been brought around to Halifax.

On 24 February 1944, the WASKESIU encountered a submerged asdic contact. After prosecuting the contact with depth charges, the submarine surfaced. On the WASKESIU, the Gunnery Officer, Lieutenant Peter Nares ordered the 4-inch guns and the Oerlikons to open fire. The U-Boat, later identified as U257, sunk stern first. There were some survivors, which were picked up by the WASKESIU and a sister ship, HMCS NENE.

Lieutenant Peter Nares had played a part in the sinking of a second U-Boat. When the news of his actions made it home, his picture graced the front page of the local newspapers.

After the war, Peter Nares worked as an investment banker. He is now retired and lives in Kettleby, Ontario.