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The Right Honourable
John George Diefenbaker

Biographical Information

- 18 September 1895, Neustadt, Ontario

- University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon (M.A., LL.B.)

Personal Status
- Married 1929, Edna Brower (1901-1951)
- Re-married 1953, Olive Palmer (1902-1976)
- One stepdaughter

- Criminal lawyer (called to the Saskatchewan Bar in 1919)
- 1936-1938 Leader, Saskatchewan Conservative Party

- Progressive Conservative
- 1956-1967 Party Leader

- 1940-1953 Lake Centre, Saskatchewan
- 1953-1979 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Other Ministries
- 1957 External Affairs
- 1962-1963 President of the Privy Council

Political Record
- Appointed Ellen Fairclough first woman Cabinet Minister 1957
- Canadian Bill of Rights 1958
- Appointed James Gladstone Canada's first aboriginal senator 1958
- Cancellation of Avro Arrow (CF-105) 1959
- Franchise extended to all Aboriginals 1960
- National hospital insurance plan 1961
- Created the National Productivity Council (Economic Council of Canada) 1963

- 16 August 1979, Ottawa, Ontario, while still a member of the House of Commons

- Beside the Right Honourable John G. Diefenbaker Centre, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan